Anti Ragging

Anti Ragging Information

Ragging is strictly Prohibited in College. Anti ragging Committee will take any action as mentioned below specified by AICTE Norms if any student found guilty of ragging

  • Cancellation of admission
  • Suspension from attending classes
  • Withholding/withdrawing scholarship/fellowship and other benefits
  • Debarring from appearing in any test/examination or other evaluation process
  • Withholding results
  • Debarring from representing the institution in any regional, national or international meet, tournament, youth festival, etc
  • Suspension/expulsion from the hostel
  • Rustication from the institution for period ranging from 1 to 4 semester
  • Expulsion from the institution and consequent debarring from admission to any other institution.

Anti Ragging Committee :

Main coordinator

Committee members



Shri T.R.Parmar

( I/C Principal)

Representative of Police Administration -            PSI, Vadnagar (Police Sub-Inspector)

Local Media Member –Upendra Patel

NGO Member –Visamo Vruddhashram, Vadnagar

Representative of Parents –                            Anilbhai R. Patel(DAA)

Representative of students belonging -                  Rai Pravesh Rajesh(DAA) to the fresher’s category

Representative of senior students (Member) – PATEL SHIVAM JAGDISHBHAI(DME)

Representative of non-teaching staff Member - K.R.Patel (Computer operator)

Representative of Civil Administration(Mamlatdar) Mamlatdar, Vadnagar

Representative of faculty members –                    Shri R.D.Patel(Member Secretary)( Mech Dept.)

Anti Ragging Squad :

Main coordinator

Committee members



Shri T.R.Parmar (I/C Principal)

Shri J.A.Joshi - Lecturer Maths

Shri A.R. Patel- Lecturer Physics

Smt.K.M.Sutariya- Lecturer E.C

Shri C.R.Patel - Lecturer Mechanical